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In a park looking over the Lagoon, Venice's Casa dell'Ospitalità provides shelter for twenty men from among the 100+ homeless people who live in the Trust's various facilities. From the Casa dell'Ospitalità one's gaze takes in the sweep of the Northern Lagoon: abandoned islands, old industrial structures, the airport, the Ponte della Libertà, the outline of the mainland conurbation. You can sometimes be surprised by the wind suddenly freeing from the clouds the whole panorama of the Dolomites.

The Casa dell'Ospitalità is a port in a storm: it can be reached by specific routes but more often on unplanned and unpredictable tides.

During the Residence the artist will be a guest among our guests.

Will the intrinsic energy of art be able to trigger new dynamics and open up unexpected relationships with the men living in the San Alvise hostel?

Will it be able to introduce to a Venice oblivious of such a world this space suspended between water and sky and land, an ideal point from which to see ourselves, the city and the world with new eyes?

WHAT: Open Call for an Artist-in-Residence at Sant'Alvise. Venice

WHERE: Casa dell'Ospitalità (Hospitality House). A hostel for the homeless in Venice

RESIDENCE: From 18th of September until 4th of October 2015


The Winner is : Matthew Talbot Kelly -

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