We are architects and professionals working together in synergy to design and to develop complex architectural projects.

The group consists of an operative team that provides architectural management and design also for other professional studios and companies on outsourcing basis. The net-like structure of the group allows it to shape each team to cover all the requirements of every project, thus guaranteeing a coordinate management of the whole project from the planning to the optimizing of time and resources.

Everybody in BeeGroup is able to provide a complete and highly professional contribution, benefitting from the experience of the other professionals involved in designing complex projects.

Gabriele Cavazzano & Andrea Zanchettin

Gabriele Cavazzano - I worked on numerous commercial and residential projects in Porto Portugal, St. Gallen Switzerland, NYC USA and Venice Italy, since 1997. My work introduce new ideas of enclosure, organization and technology of a building while sensitive to the surrounding context. With my experience in complex projects I make sure the Clients achieve their visions of design. A graduate of IUAV (Venice Institute of Architecture), where I also worked as an assistant professor of Building design and Landscape design. Registered architect in Switzerland REG A n. REG/2017/1250

Andrea Zanchettin - Architect with more than 15 years of experience in complex projects. I developed specific skills in management and coordination of multidisciplinary project groups. Trained at IUAV (Venice Institute of Architecture), I completed my training with periods of study and work abroad, in Spain and Portugal. My working method can be characterized as mediation between the objective of the project and the resources available. The experience in different professional offices and the role of a project manager in various projects allowed me to develop a strong management ability on projects of various scales and at all levels of planning.