MRS Cottage - V.N. de Gaia - Portugal

architecture, cottage, renovation, restoration, week end house

Most architects would be pleased to design a weekend house for a special client in a picturesque site with a view of the Douro Valley and the city of Porto.

After closely studying the site, we decided the house should emphasize its history and its evolution. Even though we increase the size for a better living and view to the Douro and the Dom Luis I bridge, the house preserves its atmosphere and the special environment of this “Ilha” (Island in Portuguese).

The house itself is simple and informal: a one-story, two-bedroom dwelling divided by the living area. Big traditional style windows frame the Douro river and the Dom Luís I Bridge

Project : Beegroup + Arq. Ana Vieira

Year design : summer 2018

Area : 105 m2

Garden : 125 m2