Abacus Biel/Bienne - CH


The architectural project is based on defining two areas do to the L shape of the building. The entrance and the offices are aligned along the longer side, while the meeting room and the classrooms are allocate down the shorter. The bar is the most liveable place where officemates can set up an informal meeting or where the trainers can relax a little bit and is strategically placed at the intersection of the  two different areas. Roberto Corradini skillfully designed the lights combining the practical utility with dramatic scenarios.

This project is the "Beta tester" for the interiors of Abacus extension building in Wittenbach SG.

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Client : Abacus Research AG

Project manager : Gabriele Cavazzano - Beegroup

Interior design : Sideprogetti 

Lighting design : Arch. Roberto Corradini PLDA

Lighting : Inside, DeMajo, Terzani, Reggiani