Passeio Alegre

5 installations in Porto - Portugal

architecture, decoration, installation, Porto

Five “Coretos” (Band stand in Portuguese), five different part of the city of Porto, five weeks. This was the incipit that Porto Lazer gave us to think for this project.

Our think tank - artist Ricardo Gonçalves, arch. Ana Margarita Neto Vieira of Talkie Walkie, Filipe Serra Carlos and arch. Gabriele Cavazzano Beegroup -, embraced different discipline such as social involvement, history, design, poetry and decoration.

Each installation was thought to be effectively related to its surround, to the history of the site and with a particular attention to the participant. The resulting design incorporates a contemporary approach into traditional schema of Coreto.

The outcome were installations which invited families and visitors to look at the city of Porto with different eyes by playing and be part of the construction itself. The magnitude of this project brought an unexpected attendance especially on those “Bairro" lived by Portuguese. 

Every “Coreto” is placed in 5 different public garden and this are just some hints :

_Cordoaria : the garden was built on 1865. Along its history, here, were fabricated ropes. 

The installation plays with colorful ropes, building an informal net. The parapet was decorated with warp and weft made by participants.


_Arca d’Água : the beautiful square garden was built on 1928 but since 1607 this area is the spring and water reserve of the city.

We transform the Coreto in an aquarium where kids could invent stories by sticking geometric pieces of adesive paper


_Praça do Marquês : was one of the former customs of Porto. The garden and the Coreto were built on 1898. On 40's was erected a public library “Biblioteca de Pedro Ivo” but since 2001 is, unfortunately, a cafeteria.

We realized metaphoric flying books as memento of the historical value of this square for the city of Porto and the facing library.


_Passeio Alegre : on XIX was a garden for the rich bourgeoisie. It faces the Rio Douro and nearby the fisherman are still tie and untie their fish nets.

A sky full of sparkling stripes played with the persistent wind of the ocean and with their continuous waving reproduce an upside-down water world


_São Lázaro : the garden full of Magnolias was opened on 1834. The name comes from a near by Lazaretto.

An organic gold-like origami grown up from the luxuriant flora dissimulating the Coreto’s solid substance in a vibrating metaphor of the garden.