Cenote II - Wittenbach - Switzerland

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Cenote II is an extension of existing company headquarters. The building design considers multiple factors such as the surrounding environment with its hills and biotope, in addition to the fact that it is an addition to an existing complex of buildings. Cenote II juxtaposes its inner emptiness with the massive headquarter building next to it. This contrast reverses the inside-outside perception, generating a hybrid working environment. 



Volume  21.000 m3

Area  6.000 m2



Design  Beegroup - Gabriele Cavazzano

Project Manager / Costs  Gantenbein und partner 

Project Team  Carlos Martinez architekten

Structures  Waelli

Glass Fassaden eng.  REBA

Glass Fassaden 1 Bluesteel

Glass Fassaden 2 Aepli

MEP+Physic  Gruner GrunekoAmstein&WalthertMuehlebach partner + FS Geotechnik